I started learning Italian in Milan, Italy because of my love of the culture and appreciation of the beauty of the language. Having never conquered learning a language at school, I set myself a challenge to move out to Italy and attending language school there. After 6 months of learning and reaching a successful level of Italian, I decided to keep it up through regular tutoring in London for a further 3 years. 
Camilla Bonnar, English - London UK, Marketing Manager at Village
Comencé a estudiar Italiano porque el 60% de mi negocio estaba en Italia. Probé varias escuelas pero como trabajaba cerca de 100 horas semanales nunca conseguía ir a clase. Stefano fue la mejor solución ya que se adapto muy flexiblemente a mis horarios y consiguió que en 4 meses pudiera hablar italiano! Como mi trabajo contaba con muchos tecnicismos, Stefano tuvo que adaptar las lecciones a mi perfil demostrando ser un fantástico profesor. Se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo ya que ademas al hablar el mismo varios idiomas, simpatiza enormemente con los problemas que uno puede encontrarse a la hora de aprender.
Rocio Fernandez-Rubies - Spanish, New York USA, Columbia Business School MBA
I have been studying with Stefano Presutti for 4 years now and I have found it a very good experience.

My conversational Italian has improved considerably.

I am studying Italian as I have a property in Tuscany and would like to be able to speak and understand my friends and neighbours.

I whole-heartedly endorse Stefano Presutti and suggest you have lessons with him as his is an outstanding tutor.

Sir Stuart Etherington, English - London UK, NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) Chief Executive

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